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Summer Holidays

July 30, 2016

You could argue that I am always on holiday, and you would be nearly right! But the summer is always different holidays. Firstly Grandchildren tend to require looking after and secondly the weather! I don’t know of anywhere else that has a Summer like Britain. One day it is hot and sunny whilst two days later the clouds are on the ground with thick mists. Mind you living in hilly/ mountain area doesn’t help! We duck and dive around the rain and sun and really enjoy it. What do they say? ” there’s no such thing as the wrong weather just the wrong gear” oh so true!


Benji dog is loving having more children around. His early days ( before us) were spent with a very young family so he just thinks that he is a child. We forgot to tell him that he’s a dog.

This week we have been staying in a log cabin in the Lake District, Cumbria. The children next door kept calling to see if Benji was coming out to play. Of course he was more than happy to!image

Carry on Summer! Damnvan1 is taking an outing next week so I will tell you all about it.


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    Holidays in Britain

  2. “….just wrong gear!” That is the perfect outlook on summer – looks like you were all ready for anything. 🙂

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