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Blooming Marvelous!

April 11, 2016

Good morning from Funchal, Madeira Portugal! The cruise has been in Funchal for two days to give us time to see the Spring Flower Festival. It is amazing! Yesterday there was a parade of decorated floats, dancers and music. The parade took over an hour to pass through but the decorating with fresh flowers must have taken days. They were all lovely, colourful and happy. I don’t think that I’ve ever seen so many smiley faces in one place.

imageimageimageThe crowds were three and four deep for the whole length of the parade. Please excuse my photographs but I couldn’t get an up close space! Many people waited HOURS to secure a spot but I preferred to sit on a wall eating ice cream in the sunshine. There were people climbing up cliff sides, holding onto fences and sat on Dad’s shoulders to get a good view.

The little children were really enjoying the dressing up and dancing on floats. Except for the three five year old girls who were perched on top of one float and obviously arguing about who sat where! Their ” minder” obviously told them to behave, so they sat down, put smiles on and waved to the crowd!

More flowers today so it is good bye from Madeira with more news when I’ve got WIFI again.

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