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Cruising, crafting and chatting

April 8, 2016

I am cruising on the Balmoral ship which is owned by Fred Olsen cruise lines. This is a lovely ship, quite small ( in cruising terms) and very friendly. I am running the craft courses on board for anyone who wishes to attend.  This stained glass wall reminds me of a quilt and runs the full height of the ship.

We have already visited Lisbon and are now in Lanzarote in search of fabrics, yarns and notions, not to mention sun sea and sand!

imageThe craft courses are located in part of one of the dining rooms which is very well lit and has wonderful ocean views. We only have craft courses when we are at sea so I have plenty of free time to top up my tan, drink wine, relax…..

image I am ably assisted by my friend and crafty colleague K. We have about twenty ladies coming to the craft group regularly and there is an amazing breadth of talent. I will show you what we are making at a later date.

Everyone must be enjoying the courses as we only have one hour at a time and the ladies say that they wish it was all morning! Sounds like a good plan! Perhaps we could incorporate coffee and cake as well! See you tomorrow in Tenerife.


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    Cruising and crafting

  2. Mary permalink

    Hi to both of you; glad you are enjoying the cruise and crafting. It all sounds wonderful. I am very jealous!

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