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The Other Side of the Lake

March 11, 2016

Hubs and I went to the Lake District for a few days R and R ( well actually we are always having Rest and Relaxation so nothing new there!). We were extremely lucky as the weather was gorgeous-  cold, crisp and sunny. As some of you may know the Lake District Cumbria has had a hard time with extreme flooding and a super wet winter. Evidence of devistation is everywhere in and around Keswick. Houses are empty with builders re plastering, repairing and re newing. Shops have closed including our favourite supermarket, Booths. OK it’s our favourite supermarket as we get free coffee there each day! So we really missed it. But life goes on and I can’t stress too much that the Lake District NEEDS tourists back to enjoy the scenery and serenity.


Please excuse the quality of these images as they were taken through a bus window!  One of the main roads (the A591) through the Lake District has collapsed due to the flooding. A long stretch of road from just beyond Grasmere towards Keswick has washed away requiring a very very long detour. The road is under repair and will be closed for a few more months. The Highways have opened up a narrow road on the other side of Thirlmere and are running a bus along there to provide access.

We knew about this bus and wanted to explore that area of Thirlmere. For us this was vigin terrain as we had never ventured on the other side of the lake! It was absolutely beautiful and provided a whole new aspect for the Northern Lakes. The bus trip was a great journey and took about fifty minutes. We could see across the lake to the workers with their JCBs and diggers moving earth and building new road.

We had a great day out as on arrival in Grasmere we walked around Grasmere lake and drank coffee in the cafes. We finished by taking the bus back to Keswick and enjoying The Other Side of the Lake again. Benji dog enjoyed his day out as well. He was no trouble on the bus and romped around the lake! You can take that dog anywhere.

I have decided to return to Damnvan1 and blog about my travels again. I have a lot of trips planned so watch this space. If you are interested take a look at my other blog @


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