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A Catalogue of Disasters.

October 17, 2013
Van Visitors

Van Visitors

A group of friends and I decided to visit the Caravan and Camping show in Birmingham this week. We thought that it would be a jolly to go on the train. Well it was different!

The first “happening” was me tripping over my own feet going up the steps to the correct platform. Only my pride was hurt and not too many people saw what happened!

The train took the long route to Birmingham and we spent most of the day travelling. We arrived relatively safely and enjoyed the exhibition. The camper vans were gorgeous ( don’t tell Damnvan1) and very expensive. So when I win the Lotto…… The outcome was that I wouldn’t swap Damnvan1 for the World.

On the return long journey trains were delayed and we had to change at Shrewsbury. One of our group, who shall remain nameless, had to go to the loo. The delayed train pulled into the station, we got on and you’ve guessed it! The train pulled out without errant friend!

Total panic followed as we sped away. After multiple phone calls discussions with train guard and rude texts we arranged for her to get the next train one and a half hours later. We waited at the destination station and held a happy reunion on the station platform.

Driving home we missed the turning and drove an extra 10 miles. We dropped a friend off at her house only to find that she was locked out!

I finally arrived home to a welcome and much needed glass of wine. Phew!!


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One Comment
  1. Judith Atkinson permalink

    Wow what a day you had. The wine was well deserved.

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