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St Non’s Holy Well

September 4, 2013
English: St Nons Well St Nons Well is protecte...

English: St Nons Well St Nons Well is protected as an ancient monument. The spring is said to have arisen at the place where St David was born during a thunderstorm in about 500AD. The water from the well reputedly has curative properties. Nearby is a ruined chapel dating from around 1300 and dedicated to St David’s mother, St Non. A modern chapel and religious retreat were built nearby in the 1930s. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Prior to our recent trip to St David’s in Pembroke South Wales I had a few days sick. Now, fortunately this is quite unusual for me, and I don’t cope with being ill. The outcome of a few “indisposed” days was that I went away in Damnvan1 with no wet weather gear,no warm clothing ie sweater,coat etc. and no umbrella. Not too concerned when I realised as I thought I could buy any emergency clothes in St David’s. Have you visited St Davids? Well it’s certainly cute  but not a Mecca for shopping!

We were walking along the Pembroke Coastal Path in St Davids in beautiful sunshine when we stumbled across St Non’s Well. This quiet, atmospheric place is said to have arisen when St Non gave birth to St David.(St Non is said to be his Mum). Well, I dipped my toe into the well for a blessing or good luck? Everything worked out very Well! The weather was beautiful, the trip was fantastic and I remained well.



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