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Why Damnvan1?

July 15, 2013

Why Damnvan1?

As we conclude this road trip we are reflecting,reminiscing and realising the amazing journey that we have had. We estimate that we have travelled in excess of 4000 miles. We have explored from Lands End to The Orkney Isles and many places in between. We have had snow, high winds,rain,mist and sun. We have laughed, smiled and really enjoyed ourselves. We have consumed Devon cream teas,Scotch whisky, and some few bottles of red wine!

You might wonder how Damnvan1 got her name. Well, we bought her from near Derby one Sunday last September. We drove to a lovely camp site near Eadale in deteriorating weather conditions and set up camp. We tried out the bathroom, electric hook up etc and made up the bed. We checked the locks on the doors and decided to go to the bathroom together. (Not something we normally do!) As we returned to the van in teaming rain we tried the door to get in and go to bed when we realised all doors were locked! The keys were INSIDE! The wind was howling and everyone else was in bed.
We had to ring the site manager who lived along the road but we had no mobile phone (in the van) We needed our AA card but it was locked in the van. We eventually contacted the site manager we let us into the site office so we could drip all over the floor and get warm. The AA arrived after an hour and helped us to break into our van! The next day I asked Husband what he thought we should call the van and he said “last night you was calling it Damnvan!” So the rest is history except really she is Darling Van.

That is the end of this first fantastic trip. We are planning more so watch this space!


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