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Local Petrol Station

July 2, 2013

Local Petrol Station

I captured this picture in Kintail today. It demonstrates the availability of petrol around here-only joking! The further North we travel in Scotland the more expensive Diesel gets. I also suspect that there are frequently 2 prices-one for tourists and one for locals. Otherwise why not display the price per litre?
Today we walked along the valley floor here in Kintail to view the mountain range The Five Sisters of Kintail. We have enjoyed spotting and naming various mountains. I am now a Munro spotter if not a Munro bagger! It has been a good lesson in map reading.
We stumbled across a great little craft and vintage shop today in the middle of nowhere. There were lots of interesting goodies. I am looking for some vintage linen to incorporate into my current work in progress-a patchwork quilt. There was nothing suitable today but I have a long list of items for which I am searching-but don’t tell Husband!

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  1. Hi Barb, kill those craft shops girl forget the Husband he’s a pussycat ha don’t tell him, Well guess what we are actually booked yet again for Bolton Abbey this Sunday dog allowing,
    Hang on just a break for prayers !!!!!!.
    we have seen some back of beyond petrol stations,( sorry pump) over the years and you are not far wrong when you say one price for tourists and one for locals BLOODY CHEEK swear over. Say a quick prayer for us for Sunday we need all the help we can get continue to enjoy all this holidaying must be wearing you both out it’s sad Sarcasm over I think that’s how you spell it.
    Love to you both keep safe Joy & Pete xx

    • Hi True we are exhausted so we’ve booked into the Loch Lomand hotel for the weekend as a treat!! It’s such a hard life. I really hope you do get away and that Misty enjoys it. We plan to be home a week on Sat. We are going home via Richmond so that we can pick Diesel up whilst Neil goes to Mexico. Speak soon Barb and Bill

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