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Palm Trees in Scotland

June 22, 2013

Palm Trees in Scotland

It’s amazing that exotic plants including Palm trees grow in the Highlands of Scotland. We visited Inverewe Gardens a National Trust for Scotland property which is plant lovers paradise. Many exotic plants are able to grow due to the influence of the Gulf Stream. It is a lovely place to visit at this time of the year. Very colourful,full of bird song and wonderful aromas. Well done the National Trust. Except because it is a Scottish charity I didn’t get membership discount on my shop purchases as I do in England-I like discount!
I have not purchased many craft items lately although visiting many shops. The shops fall into three categories. The first is for true artisans who love their craft, are highly specialised and very expensive- these I generally can’t afford. The second category has great items from a different league-often the items that I would have a go at making myself and so don’t normally buy. The third category is what I think of as supplies ie. textiles,beads, buttons etc and there are very few of these around- certainly not the parts of Scotland I have visited. I will keep searching and let you know. Perhaps Skye will fill the gap.
Charity Shopping
There are a few charity shops around but as we have not been in the bigger towns we haven’t seen too many. We have been searching, and buying DVDs to watch in Damnvan in the evening. This is the ultimate recycling as we purchase in one shop and re-donate a few shops later. We have watched a huge range of films some good and some awful.

One strange thing is how light it is at night this far North. It doesn’t go dark until at least midnight and must be light again at 3 or 4 am. It really affects the body clock. I wouldn’t like the very short days in the winter so I won’t be moving up here!


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  1. Jane humphery permalink

    What an amazing trip you are having and the weather looks great too in the far north. The van seems to be doing incredibly well, I wonder if you are planning more trips farther afield??

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