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Cape Wrath

June 19, 2013

Cape Wrath

We travelled to Cape Wrath the most northwestern most point of the British mainland. We travelled by small (very) ferry from Keoldale pier. Forget Blackpool pier this was some small stones and concrete leading into the water. The Lonely Planet ( ) describes the ferry as …eccentric, sometimes shambolic service, which it is in the nicest possible way. This is due to the tides,weather and the MOD. Cape Wrath is the only live firing range on the British mainland used by the MOD. In fact we had to get off the Cape by 1 pm as the bombing planes flew over. It all added to the excitement !
Cape wrath light house was a 50 minute ride in a mini bus along an old un maintained road. It is barren,beautiful,lonely,wild place. The lighthouse keeper stays there all year. There was a news story a couple of years ago that told of his wife going out to buy the Christmas turkey and not returning until Easter due to the weather conditions! Now I can understand it!
We are staying on a camp site in Durness overlooking the beach. It is beautiful with often lime green/turquoise sea crashing onto startling white sand. There are Puffins, sea birds,sand dunes and the highest sea cliffs in Britain
The village boast a shop, pub and ATM machine oh and
a petrol station. Well I say petrol station but there is one pump with no idea of the petrol company or even the price. It seems common to keep the price of fuel a secret, or perhaps it is just too expensive to tell anyone.
This is truly Adventure before Dementia!


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  1. Katherine Peglar permalink

    Most enjoyable descriptions of your adventures. Are you taking lots of pictures? Enjoy! Best regards, Katherine

  2. Hi both, I remember seeing a TV program about the area, the Guy was telling the story about the Wife and turkey adventure. As you may have or not realised we are not away as planned, the dog was not well on the Monday we were going so we had to cancel happy days. Continue enjoying your adventures keep safe love Joy & Pete

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