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House for sale only 5 THOUSAND years old.

June 15, 2013

House for sale only 5 THOUSAND years old.

House not really for sale. We visited Skara Brae which is a Neolithic village on Orkney un-covered by a storm 150 Years ago! Amazing! Incredible to think that 5000 years ago people ate, breathed,birthed in this coastal village. The people were much smaller than today and had a life expectancy of 30 to 40 years old. I can’t imagine that this place is thousands of years older than the Pyramids and so well preserved. It was an honour to visit these people’s homes.
We also visited the Ring of Brodgar which is the 3rd largest stone circle in the UK. How and why this was built no-one knows but a very atmospheric experience.
Orkney is a very crafty island with multiple arts and crafts.
Beautiful locally made jewellery from
Hand crafted chairs from
The Woolshed at
A local co-operative at to name but a few.
Scapa flow and the stories of a scuttled German fleet after WW1 and the sinking of a British ship in WW2 proved thoughtful but interesting.
After a poor first impression of Orkney we will leave with good memories. One being the bemused expression of the young man in the Tourist Information office when I asked him the best route to Norway via Shetland ( a possible adventure for next year)?

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