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Spotted in Kirkwall

June 13, 2013


Today we arrived in Orkney to what can only be described as a grey, windy day. Getting here was something of an adventure. We took Damnvan1 to the ferry terminal at Gills near to John O’Groats-no problem. Bought our ticket which was a relative bargain and prepared to drive on board. Then…I had to REVERSE down the gang plank onto the boat! Husband had the Rosary out and I nearly had a heart attack. But all was well and I drove off forwards at the other end. Can’t wait to go back again!!
We spotted this carbike in Kirkwall today. Never seen one of these before. I’m not sure if this would be driven onto the ferry forwards or backwards
We have just spent a couple of days in Glen Affric. The weather was hot and humid which meant that the midges had a feast on us. We walked down Glen Affric to Loch Affric and it was spectacular
The crafting is just not happening as believe it or not I don’t have much time. I keep thinking about it! We are still searching charity shops for DVDs. I haven’t watched TV for nine weeks! I haven’t worn any make up-what an empowerment-and I’ve walked more than for a long time. Happy days!


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  1. Ann Nicolson permalink

    Hi Barbara, nice to hear from you. I’m fine, cassie is fine. Fed up with this miserable weather. When I can’t go up to the caravan- the sun shines, when I can like today it’s absolutely pouring here and at Conwy. Never mind a good day to go shopping and do my piano practice. I’m enjoying you adventures, think you could publish your blog your descriptions are lovely. Look forward to seeing you soon. Tc Ann x

  2. Good on you kiddo, proud of you, well done with damnvan manouvers I can imagine Bill with his rosary beads ha ha, you should have made him do the reversing that would have been a laugh. Pete says thanks for the birthday card he will save it for the 26th which is the birthday. We are going to the Dales on Sunday for a week looking forward to it , we are staying on the Bolton Abbey site. take care keep safe love Joy & Pete.

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