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Styles in dry stone walls

June 3, 2013

Styles in dry stone walls

We left The Lake District and travelled to Barnard Castle in the Yorkshire Dales. I have never really explored the Dales before and it is gorgeous. The walk into Barnard Castle was about 2 miles through old woodland. The path was through wild aromatic garlic, Bluebells,and along a tumbling beck. Yippee! Barnard Castle had lots of charity shops and we managed to stock up on DVDs. We need to re-cycle some of our watched DVDs or start a business as a mobile DVD hire van as we have so many.
We left Barnard Castle and headed to Hawes getting caught up in the annual gypsy Horse Fair in Appleby. There were dozens of horse drawn gypsy caravans pulled by an assortment of horses. They were all heading towards Appleby for an annual gathering.
Hawes is a nice Dales town with cobbled streets and interesting shops. We walked a loop around the surrounding hills. In Yorkshire the dry stone walls are built to a different structure than in the Lakes or Wales. The styles consist of a constructed slit in the wall which we named “diet styles” as no-one over size 14 (OK 16!) would squeeze through. Good fun, good walk,good weather.


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  1. Ann Nicolson permalink

    Really enjoying your blog , how is bills foot? Xx

  2. How’s Bills foot doing, Oh my goodness Appleby horse fair we where there the day before it started, twelve months or more ago, the shop keepers where telling us they hate it because a lot of pilfering goes on so a lot of shops decide to close for the day, hence loss of money, its not a welcome event. They have tried to ban it but the gypsies own land there on the edge of the town.
    Pete says hurry back home the Rhubarb is ready about time you did some baking Barb ha enjoy and as always keep safe xx

  3. Helen Robinson permalink

    Hi Barb.havn’t visited your blog for a couple of weeks .sorry about Bill’s foot but didn’t he do well to walk as far as he did. The photos of The Lakes are beautiful and the weather has been so lovely lately for your travels. Carry on having a wonderful time.xx

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