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Derwentwater from Keswick

May 21, 2013

Derwentwater from Keswick

What a super day. Strangely the sun shone and all was well in our World!
Currently staying in and around the Lake District and are on a site on the edge of Derwentwater, Keswick.
Damnvan is proving to be a wonderful way of getting around the country and we are planning where next. We will visit the North Yorkshire Dales, visit family and then head to Scotland for about the following 6 weeks. We plan to visit Orkney which for myself is a long held dream. All that is stopping us carrying on to Norway is that our passports are at home! Perhaps we may then island hop off the West coast of Scotland so watch this space.
We have a new hobby which is buying DVDs from charity shops to watch in the evenings. I am amazed at the prices the Charity shops in Keswick are charging. A beautiful place appears to mean hiked prices. The Oxfam shop in Keswick,which incidentally is very well organised,charges twice the average for many things. Paper back novels are the same price as buying new in some places. I find this amazing as all the stuff is donated and the shop staffed by volunteers so why charged inflated rates. There I’ve had my rant and feel better!
We have enjoyed 2 evening meals with very good friends who happen to be here on holiday. I’m glad the weather is good for them
Thank you all for dropping by my blog.


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  1. Katherine Peglar permalink

    Enjoying your blog and the lovely photographs … The sparkling water picture is most impressive! Hope you continue to enjoy good weather. Best regards. Katherine

  2. karen whalley permalink

    Glad to hear you are still enjoying yourselves, i presume that you are now doing your own thing or are you still following the planned route? All the best. Karen

  3. Sarah and Pete permalink

    Loving your pics and comments! All well here! xx

  4. Hi gang, you are still having a ball it is beautiful around that part of the world.I have found that with charity shops in certain areas and I usually say to Pete, as I am walking out disgruntled ” I only want to buy something, have they forgotten that they are a charity shop or do you have to buy shares in the place” ha that makes me feel better moan over. Funny you saying about dvds I have just bought one of the classics for me The Thornbirds Wow what a priest. Well you idle rich continue to enjoy love from both of us, as always keep safe Joy & Pete

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