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Tintern Abbey

May 9, 2013

 Tintern Abbey

Tintern Abbey was awesome and a great way to spend a sunny Sunday morning. Peacefully and beautiful,with reasonable parking for Damnvan1. Our campsites are generally excellent. We have just arrived at one in Shropshire which has unisex(why not?) loos. On inspection they are huge “en suite” wet rooms with heating and luxury toiletries. Well worth the money.
The walkers are plodding along Offas Dyke today in teaming rain and high winds as the weather has changed. I am sat in cosy Damnvan1 with the radio on enjoying free Internet.
I am worried about my state of mind!! Tuesday I wanted to post a letter and followed a couple into the “post office” to find myself in their house!
Wednesday we wanted a coffee but the cafe was heaving lay busy so moved on. A little later we returned to the cafe and I decided it was now empty so ordered at the counter. It was only when the waiter pointed out that the chap at the table was looking much better when I realised that they had cleared the cafe so that paramedics could work on a heart attack victim. The good news is he was shipped off t o hospital looking OK (but no thanks to me)
We haven’t watched any TV since coming away. We are now addicted to buying DVDs in charity shops. I am now enjoying a boxed set of Dinner Ladies so happy days!
Those walking are now in Shropshire
Some blisters
Averaging 15 miles per day
I am discovering parts of the UK that are quiet,beautiful,and sometimes quite poor. There are however many beautiful and affluent villages on the route.
Off to Ludlow tomorrow.


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  1. karen whalley permalink

    Glad you are still enjoying yourselves, it is raining here so not missing much.
    Take care

  2. Penny. Holt permalink

    You really seem to be enjoying yourself, I am quite envious. Weather here awful after such a nice bank holiday weekend. I am now down to 3 days. Love. Penny

  3. jen permalink

    I hear the canoeing is great in Ludlow, could be time to unleash the kayak! Very funny stories about the post office and cafĂ©!!!!! these are the memory makers. When looking for charity shop DVD’s try to find ‘All Creatures Great and Small’ a fab watch!!!!!! Will you be passing over Moel Fammau on the Offas Dyke ? Jen XXXXXXXXXXXX

  4. Judith Atkinson permalink

    Hi Barb, I am really enjoying following your antics. We thought once that we would go for a drink in a pub and walked into someones kitchen, same as your cafe incident. Its windy and rainy here so I hope the weather is good for you.

    Judith xx

  5. Hi Barb you are getting as bad as Bill, getting into the wrong car at our shops don’t try to many kitchens although, some kind soul may invite you to dinner, you have lived with Bill to long it’s catching ha ha you here are going to some beautiful places along the way. Pete and I went to Southport for a few days, it was lovely. Try not to disrupt any more paramedics keep safe love Joy & Pete xx

  6. Sarah and Pete permalink

    Lovely to see you today, Barb! Ooo, Ludlow – my fave place! Lots of good pubs and foodie places (lots of Michelin starred restaurants there, big food festival etc). Years ago, they filmed Blott on the Landscape in the Feathers at Ludlow. Clun, Bishop’s Castle and Ledbury are all lovely, too! Enjoy the Northward leg!! x

  7. Helen Robinson permalink

    What a wonderful time you are having Barb. Hope the men are enjoying themselves as much. How many pairs of boots have they worn out up to now? Remind me not to have a heart attack when you are around!!!!! Hope you enjoyed Ludlow,we were there a couple of weeks ago and had lunch in a lovely old fashioned cafe called de greyes.xx

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