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Patchwork Quilt stash of fabric

May 5, 2013

Patchwork Quilt stash of fabric

More fabric acquired, husband now steering me rapidly past all these gorgeous craft emporiums! I finally started to cut and stitch whilst we spent the afternoon on the nicest campsite ever. It is small but like camping in a lovely garden. For anyone interested it is called Heather Dean near Chepstow and. Comes highly recommended.
After Wells we journeyed on towards Bristol. At this point husband decided to take a few days off from walking. He didn’t fancy the hike through urban Bristol and who can blame him?
I couldn’t find many available sites in Bristol probably due to theBank Holiday. We turned up at our pre booked one to discover no bathrooms ( ie loos) It hadn’t occurred to me that this would happen when it had electric hook up-how silly of me. Anyhow it all adds to the adventure as we now know how to use the bathroom in Damnvan1. Loving the van and she.Behaves beautifully.
We have now travelled through 4 counties – Cornwall, Devon,Somerset and Monmouthshire. We crossed the River Severn yesterday costing the grand toll of £6.20 and arrived safely in Wales.
Today -Sunday we met friends wife who is now going to walk Offas Dyke with the boys. husband has his walking head back on and is walking through the most. Beautiful scenery of Monmouthshire
I ate breakfast today in the shadow of Chepstow Castle. Another Norman stronghold. Those Normans sure were busy. A highlight of this adventure for me is where I have breakfast each morning when the boys(and girl) have trudged off.
I am now off to visitTintern Abbey so maybe a photo for the next blog.


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  1. Jane humphery permalink

    Pleased you are doing so well Barbara and this beautiful weather will add to it. Are you doing any of the walks with Bill?

  2. Gorgeous stash of material, I need a quilting lesson when you get back, don’t blame Bill for having a few days off, or did he cramp your style with the shop ha ha.keep safe love Joy & Pete xx

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