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Beach huts at Westward Ho!

April 30, 2013

Beach huts at Westward Ho!

Westward ho! Was a pleasant surprise. Slightly jaded but with a nice feeling. There was a row of VERY jaded beach huts that with a little TLC would be delightfully retro. It was a blue sky sunny day when I met the walkers here. Overall we have been fairly lucky with the weather except for strong winds at the start and very cold nights.
I had another fantastic location to eat my breakfast when I dropped them off the next day. My whole day has shifted. We get up at 7am and away as soon as possible. We end up going to bed at around 9pm when it starts to get cold and after a glass of red wine!
We have now travelled through Devon and into Somerset. The hedgerows are full of huge lumps of beautiful primroses. I have driven through fabulous villages with thatched cottages and ancient churches. I fact the churches are proving to be very important. Not because I have suddenly seen the light but because they are easy locations to find on the map and meet up at. Also they must normally be on a road that Damnvan1 can drive along.
I succumbed in South Molton and bought a whole new patchwork project. This will keep me busy whilst I am waiting for the walkers- usually in a remote (sometimes beautiful) location
The walkers have crossed Exmoor and the Quontox hills
I have now driven a total of 950 miles and still counting. My project for tomorrow will be to find a supermarket for supplies and move onto Cheddar. I hope to visit Wells en route so I will let you know.


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  1. Helen Robinson permalink

    Join me in a toast to Margaret, she would have been 60 today and would have,like me,enjoyed following your blog. Carry on having fun!xx

  2. jen permalink

    Looks like you are having a wonderful time. Please post pics of your patchwork project, sounds exciting. All good here, also enjoying some sun in Cilcain.

  3. Judith Atkinson permalink

    Hi looks great, today I woke up and officially it is definitely spring up here in the North West.

  4. Jayne permalink

    It all sounds lovely, Barb. Am only surprised you lasted this long before buying a new patchwork project! Looking forward to seeing you all on Sunday.

  5. Jane humphery permalink

    Pleased all going so well and the weather is improving at last. You have been passing through Somerset where I lived before the Wirral, the Quantocks are beautiful, I still miss them.

  6. Hi Barb
    Sounds as if you are having a great time enjoy the patchwork , you have to have something to do so go girl !!! it was nice of Bill to ring great to have a little chat. I am enjoying your blog its great to know you are all ok, and well done DAMNVAN 1 for all the travelling its doing. Is Bill’s mates wife with you all love to all Joy @ Pete

  7. Sarah and Pete permalink

    We took L on a riding holiday near South Moulton – great market there, and some wonderful shops! Wells is my fave, though – feeding the swans! Hot Fuzz was filmed there!! x

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