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Walking to Clovelly

April 25, 2013

Walking to Clovelly

Wednesday I visited Clovelly. Here I met the milk man which is a whole new take on milk floats (sledge). I hike down to the bottom over the very old cobbles to find a lady with a compound fracture of her tib and fib. I applied first aid using my new scarf and her husband called 999. They needed the ambulance and fire crew to get her out of the village. Hope she makes a good recovery.
Boys have now walked to Devon along the coastal path
Approx. 150 mile
Gained 9420 meters in height so on schedule for 15 miles a day
Battled extreme wind and mists
Still smiling (occasionally)

My day has shifted as we now get up at 7am and go to bed around 9pm. Not much in this area with respect to craft shops or National Trust properties but I am sure the opportunity will arrive. Off to Asda now to top up provisions. whoo hoo!


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  1. Penny. Holt permalink

    Love your blog. Can’t wait til you are near enough to visit. Enjoy. Love Penny xx

  2. Katherine Peglar permalink

    And did you get your scart back?! ? And at least things aren’t dull! Best regards, Katherine Peglar

    • Well no I didn’t get scarf back as it was a bit bloody! Sorted the problem by buying 2 more! Thanks for visiting my blog Barbara

      Sent from my iPad

  3. Angela permalink

    You are having a good time! where do you plug your hairdryer in? What a small world we live in – meeting someone from up this way all the way down there. Pete Lincoln about to set off on Wednesday this week. Paul and Carol in – somewhere across the water from Sweden by now. The pub is verily depleated of folks. Cold and windy here!

    • Hi great day today as first time I’ve had a good hair day please send our best wishes to Pete if. Not too late had hit and miss phone coverage and no wifi for days now in Somerset might get time to blog tonight Luv Barb

      Sent from my iPad

  4. Sarah and Pete permalink

    Good pub at the bottom, LOL! x

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