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Padstow on sunny Saturday

April 25, 2013

Padstow on sunny Saturday

Had a lovely day in Padstow last Saturday. There was a busker on the Quay who was a mature lady!! She had a great Jody Mitchell type voice and must have been very brave (or needed the money. ) to sing in such a place. Padstow was a delight but the sun does make a difference. The boys caught a ferry here across the estuary I had quite a long drive to meet them in Port Isaac. Port Issac AKA Port Wen from Doc Martin was another lovely port.
Tintagel next where I met a girl buying pasties that belongs to my quilting group at Liberty Belle, Chester. Amazing who you meet when you are having a bad hair day – actually that’s everyday at the moment I must buy a hat!


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  1. I had lots and lots of holidays in that area as a boy, on both sides of the estuary, and have many fond memories. One of the houses we stayed in had an eel pond beside it, which just looked like a huge patch of mud. But every night the owner would come and rake across by tying ropes to either side of a huge rake, then walk round to the other side, and drag the rake towards him. He always got quite a haul, which he popped into a water butt to clean off the mud. I’ve no idea what the price was then, but he always looked pretty prosperous!

    • Reminiscing of my childhood as been a big part of the past week. Especially belly boarding with my Dad on Widemouth Bay. Happy days. Barbara

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  2. We stayed in Port Issacc last year very nice and Padstow was lovely. We visited Tintagel and got very wet!!! Hope you are all keeping well

    Alwena xx

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