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Trerice a National Trust property nearNewquay

April 20, 2013

Trerice a National Trust property nearNewquay

It’s Friday (I think) and today I visited this atmospheric old manor house rescued and restored by the National Trust. Just the sort of place that I would have liked to have lived had I been landed gentry in Tudor or Elizabethan days. Interestingly in those days of long ago Cornwall was a separate and wealthy country. The weather today was sunny and kind.
Picked the boys up in Trevone after a hairy drive in Damnvan1 along very narrow lanes with very high hedges- all good for the nerves.🚐


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  1. Steve & Diane. permalink

    Hi Barb, Glad all is going well & the weather is being reasonably kind to you, pass on our best wishes to the intrepid walkers and don’t shop yourself out to soon, pace yourself.xx

  2. Katherine Peglar permalink

    Hi Barbara,
    I Am most impressed with your adventure. I will take my iPad to Craft Group on Monday and share your adventure notes and pictures. Enjoy! Best regards, Katherine

  3. Sarah and Pete permalink

    Trerice is a fab little place. Does it still have a lawnmower museum?! x

  4. Si, Alison & Lewis permalink

    Awesome, keep it goin & keep visiting the shops! We are in envy! weather ahead in short-term seams reasonable, Hope you had some nice pasties!! lol xxx Drive careful

  5. Peterjeory permalink

    Bloody hell thought you would be past Shrewsbury by now hurry up need the money

  6. Jayne permalink

    Really enjoying your blog Barb, do keep the updates coming. x

  7. Helen Robinson permalink

    Hi sounds like you are having a wonderful time and seeing lots of interesting things.following your blog with interest.Dont pick up any strange men in your van!Good luck to the Helen xx

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