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Damnvan1 enjoying the sun,sea and surf

April 18, 2013

Damnvan1 enjoying the sun,sea and surf

Today we made Newquay. It was a day of strong wind and big blue skies. Fortunately the wind was behind the boys as they battled along the coastal path.
I enjoyed Newquay as the last time I was here Scot Mackenzie was singing “are you going to San Fransisco” and I thought being a hippy and wearing flowers in my hair was a good plan.
How things change.
Today the surf was up and the surf dudes were out catching the waves. It was a great sight and good to have the time to stand and watch. Walking along Fistral beach the waves were crashing and the noise was very loud.
Visiting these coastal towns at this time of the year finds them fairly empty and run down. I am sure they look better full of happy families and buckets and spades. Whereas St Ives attracts artisans and craft persons New Quay seems to attract surfers,camper vans, and men with beards.
Hopefully the weather will calm down, warm up and generally improve as we travel ever onwards.


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  1. jen permalink

    Hi Damnvan, the site looks lovely, am still very jealous. Keep away from those men with beards, they can be very strange!!! I know i am married to one!!!!
    The weather has been brutal up here too, wind like you wouldn’t believe last night, i thought the roof was going to blow off, in the morning i found it had!!! two ridge tiles off and a couple of slates, if only you had been home for me to come and ask inane questions of you!!!!!! I checked around your house and all seems well, i didn’t get up on your roof though, but no slates on floor is a good sign.
    Carry on camping, loving your blogs.

  2. Sarah and Pete permalink

    No, no slates off!! I looked along the back bedroom window to check the back of your roof! Just the ladder that fell over, and a small bit of fence. Pete will sort it out!! Looks a fab spot! xxx

  3. Beware men with beards, especially if the are called Nigel…..
    Anyway, this is something I found very helpful
    and you’ll need some of it if you want to avoid food poisoning!!

  4. Damnvan1 good to hear things are going well how is Bill doing? Hope weather is improving as it is here at home. Keep up the blog its really interesting

    Alwena xxx

  5. Phil permalink

    Weather had been great here last couple of days and beautiful today. We are off to Anglsea, some walking and a wedding. More about the boys please! Phil.

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