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Crafts in Cornwall

April 17, 2013

Lands End to John OGroats The number of craft shops,galleries and vintage shops in Cornwall is mind blowing. I would need a month just to visit most of them. There are some beautiful inspirational arts and crafts, many of which I could buy if I had the space in Damnvan (and of course the money)
The picture today is of a cushion that a kind neighbour made for our journey. It does show a circuitous route which might be nearer to the truth! People are so kind and we were really thrilled with this
I waved the boys off this morning onto a stormy coastal path. Whatever time they turn up they will have a tale to tell.


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  1. jen permalink

    You must have really lovely neighbours, I bet they are missing you both already!!!!!!!!!!
    I am looking forward to hearing all about the first day of the big adventure. The craft shops sound like you are living the dream, wishing I had hidden myself away in the boot of the van now. JenX

  2. Phil permalink

    Hi Guys.
    Life of leasure seems to be going well. Looking forward to hearing how the lads are getting on. Phil.

  3. Sarah and Pete permalink

    If it helps, post back parcels/packets of goodies and I will look after them till you get back!! x

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