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Knitting finished and three sleeps to go.

April 11, 2013

Knitting finished (at last!)

I have worked hard to finish the jacket that I have been knitting forever! I hope that it will keep me warm during the evenings when we are on the End to End walk. Really I would rather sit in the sunshine wearing a tee shirt and a glass of chilled wine in my hand. We leave for Lands End in three sleeps and it has been all systems go to get ready. Damnvan AKA Darling van has had her MOT and a service. We know how to fill her with diesel,fresh water and set up the bed. All we need to do is to drive to Cornwall and off we go. Because I have now finished my current craft project I will be trawling the craft emporiums of Cornwall for future projects, gorgeous textiles and creative inspiration.
I hope to walk a little, sight see a lot and visit some National Trust properties whilst husband is walking the coastal path as the first leg of our BIG adventure.


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  1. morethanmelts permalink

    I have been looking for a nice jacket pattern for a decent jacket that I’d actually wear!…would you care to share? Is it on Ravelry?
    And I love that wool! ❤

    • Hi the pattern is in the Sirdar Connemara book and the yarn is Sirdar Escape wool rich chunky. Good luck

      • morethanmelts permalink

        Thank you, I’ll see if I can track down a copy of that book!
        How are your trip preparations going?
        Do you start today or tomorrow?

  2. Ann Nicolson permalink

    Goodluck barb, hope all goes well with the travelling and the walk. Will look forward to following your journey. Lucky so and so. Ann xx

  3. Your blog looks great! Very best of luck with the trip.

  4. jane humphery permalink

    really enjoyed reading the blog so far Barbara and look forward to hearing about many great adventures

  5. I assume the idea of starting in Cornwall is so that as you move north the better weather will be met!Had you been going from here just now you would have had howling gales and driving rain, so you probably have the right idea! Hope it all goes well, best wishes, Temple

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