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Adventure before dementia

March 7, 2013

Travelling End to End in a campervan exploring all National Trust properties, craft emporiums,charity shops,and our beautiful countryside

This is my first time ever blog so I suppose I am a virgin blogger!

I intend to log all my adventures in my darling van AKA Damnvan whilst husband is walking from Lands End to John O Groats. I reckon I have the best deal as I am driving and he is walking but we will hopefully meet each evening and plan the next day.

we intend to take our time leaving loads of adventure time for me. I will report back on craft emporiums, National Trust places, charity shop vintage finds and “the walk” as well as any interesting points.

I also hope to make and do on this trip as I have lots of unfinished craft projects that I hope to complete. This does not allow for any new craft purchases on route!


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  1. What a great idea – we would love to do something like this although it will have to wait a good few years. We will be interested to hear about your adventures!

  2. Angela permalink

    Hope the weather is dry for the start of the walk tomorrow. Good luck Bill!
    Why not do a cross the country survey Barbara on scones and jam in NT properties!

  3. What an interesting adventure!

    • Thanks for dropping by my blog with encouragement. Life has been crazy lately, but I hope to get back online soon.

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