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What did the Vikings wear?

Featured Image -- 1664

This is a relevant to my recent trip to Norway!


The giveaway is now closed. Thank you so much for participating. Winners will be announced shortly.

Hi guys! I´m Sølvi, and I blog over at I live in Norway, and for many years now, I have spent my summers working at an outdoors Viking Age museum at Kaupang in Norway – the first town of Norway. Although, admittedly founded by the king of the Danes. I tweeted Gillian when she launched the Shieldmaiden Sewalong about contributing – and here I am! I hope you´ll get some helpful hints and tips about sewing and crafts in the Viking Age.

This is not a small topic, so settle in for a lengthy post. But – there is a giveaway at the end of it! Today we´ll get to know these mysterious peoples defined as the Vikings, and we look at what materials they had at hand for making clothing.

originalglassbeads Original…

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Snow Boots and Glad Rags

Visiting Northern Norway


One of the great things about cruising is getting dressed up for dinner. On our recent Fred Olsen cruise to Norway there was a choice of casual or smart dining. Mostly I chose dressing for dinner, just to make eating an occasion. The problem with this cruise was the need to take so many warm clothes! Sweaters, thermals and woolly hats don’t blend well with cocktail dresses and high heeled shoes ( In fact I mainly wore snow boots!!). Anyhow a great time was had.

We arrived In Alta, Norway our most Northerly port of call. It was very cloudy and mild (ish) so not too bad underfoot for a walk around the town. The cathedral was the first place that I visited. It was small, modern and peaceful.

In this beautiful building in the photograph above right, I lit a candle for a small person that I had lost…

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And I Thought that No-one Would Come!

Cruising along The Norwegian coast


We continue to cruise North along the gorgeous  coast of Norway on Fred Olsen’s ship MS Balmoral. We glide along past the colourless but awesome scenery. Colourless because the coast and mountains are shrouded in mist and mystery, but with glimpses of coastal villages and amazingly long road bridges.


The classes on the ship are really well attended, with over thirty ladies ( and a couple of random husbands) attending each session. Today we were doing ” decoupage” which proved incredibly popular.This is good as I don’t now have to carry home lots of wooden boxes. We are using a wide choice of papers including old maps and a vintage Whinnie the Pooh book. The glue used is a glossy glue which means that you don’t need to varnish the end product. It’s a great thrill to see the variety of creations that emerge from the same raw materials.


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Packed and Ready to Go

Travels again


img_1053That’s it! Two suitcases packed full to bursting and ready to go. Tomorrow I’m off to meet a cruise ship in Southampton and sail to Norway. It’s not all holiday as I will be working my passage teaching crafts on board. One of the cases is full of the handcrafts that we will be using on board. We have Liberty fabrics, up cycling and re purposing crafts. We have some gorgeous truly vintage fabrics to upcycle.

I am on a steep learning curve and one thing I’ve just learned is not to choose crafts that take up a lot of space. K my crafty friend who is helping out, also has bags of stuff we can’t manage without!

We should have enough free time to explore a little of Norway and if we’re really lucky we will see the Northern Lights. I’m not sure of Internet access but I’ll try…

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Llangollen Birthday

Travel is ace!


I am spending the weekend in a log cabin at Llangollen


It is middle child’s 40th birthday. How the heck have I got a child aged 40? Any how I digress. A few friends and family are away for the weekend in lovely Llangollen. The log cabins are really nice and fully equipped with a hot tub. There are squirrels, ducks and birds enjoying the winter landscape.


Toby dog (one of the family) is slightly obsessed with the scenery as Cyril the squirrel keeps coming to the window to say hello.


The hot tub is being well used.

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Drop Earrings not Bombs.


One of my Christmas gifts was a pair of earrings from Darling Daughter. They are not made from precious metals or valuable gem stones but from threads and wire. They were made by women displaced by the Syrian conflict.


The earrings are sold under the strap line “Drop Earrings Not Bombs” by a women’s cooperative known as “The Olive Tree Craft Cooperative”. I have no desire to be political but these women are just like you and I . They are mothers, grandmothers, daughters and friends just like you and I . They could be your sister. Caught up in global conflict is not fun.


If you would like to find out more visit

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No New Year’s Resolutions!


img_1009I don’t do New Years Resolutions! I rarely keep them and can’t see the point. However….

THIS year I’m not going to start another craft project until I’ve finished at least one Work in Progress.

In 2017 I will NOT add to my stash.

Its a good time to start (another) diet.

By the end of January I will sort out my wardrobe.

This is the year that I will blog more, blog smarter and blog in a timely fashion

will be am happy, eager to learn and indulge in positivity.

I will practice acts of random kindness whenever possible.

And finally ……I will NOT make any New Years Resolutions.

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