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Skiddaw Fells

imageThis glorious view of Skiddaw near Keswick, Cumbria, was taken from Damnvan1 this evening. We are camped on this site whilst drinking in the lovely views all around. The weather has been perfect for Fell walking. The Fells is a local word for the hills and mountains which are best described by Alfred Wainwright in his various local books
The camp sites are quiet at the moment but are awaiting the influx of visitors this coming Bank Holiday weekend so we are enjoying the peace for now.


Cat Bells,Lake District,Cumbria

imageCat Bells is the name of this “mountain” close to Derwent Water. The path up is a challenge attempted and sucessfully completed by many intrepid would be mountaineers. (It’s actually not that hard I’ve done it myself!) today we walked around the foot of Cat Bells and into the Newland Valley the weather was unusually kind to us and we all enjoyed the stroll. Benji really enjoyed the path back as he explored the path side stream complete with ducks and fish.That reminds me, never go on a “stroll” with my Hubs! His “strolls” are always at LEAST five miles short!


Fallen But Still Growing

Fallen But Still Growing

This tree is on the shores of Derwent Water in Cumbria. It must have fallen many years ago but has lush green branches creating an interesting picture. I love the way it keeps on going despite adversity.
Today we walked a route that I had mapped out. It meant that I didn’t dare moan when the going got tough as I had picked it out. I think that this was a devious plan by Hubby to keep me quiet.
Well we enjoyed (or endured) about 6 miles around Latrigg near Keswick. We returned along the disused railway line tired but happy- I think.
No crafts at the moment just all planning in my head when walking. I have bought a magazine with a free dress pattern so I will get my sewing machine out when I get back. You never know I might be a bit trimmer if I keep walking. Ha! Ha!


Road Trip 2014

Road Trip 2014

We’re on the road again in Damnvan1. Tomorrow we are driving to the Lakes in Cumbria and eventually over to the Yorkshire Dales. Damnvan1 is packed,serviced and cleaned ready to go. Benji dog is very excited and looking forward to staying in his tent. I really think that he’s looking forward to walking the Fells so hope that the weather is good.
We plan to be away for a few weeks so I will report back as I have Internet access. My main blog has become so if you’d like to take a look at that you will be very welcome.

Blackpool Lights up my life!

Electric Tram Disguised as aTrainElectric tram disguised as a train!

One of three piers in Blackpool. A Victorian icon.

I One of three piers in Blackpool. A Victorian icon.

Having spent a few days in Blackpool, Lancashire I am exhausted. Blackpool,for those who don’t know is the Mecca of the North of England for light shows,Hen and Stag week-ends and tat! Sounds awful doesn’t it? It is a must do once in a British life-time and my Mum loves it. This was the purpose of the exercise,and we had a great family break.

Many years ago Blackpool extended their tourist season by introducing “the Lights” Through to the end of October. This brilliant marketing ploy has certainly worked. Families, teenagers, Granny’s, stag groups and hen nights flock to the town ostensibly to see the lights. These tableaux of lights stretch for about two miles along  the seaside promenade. Cars crawl slowly along the prom. with children and adults alike hanging out of the windows to get a good view of these light pictures. Some are animated, some are advertisements, and some a positively vintage. “The lights” come on at dusk and off at about 2 am.

As a family we caught an illuminated tram disguised as a steam train. As it trundled along the tracks the whole tram was covered in coloured and flashing lights. It was great fun and took one hour and twenty minutes to cover the round trip through all of the lights. For generations families have visited this attraction,bought Blackpool rock and “Kiss me Quick” hats. Long may it continue.

A Catalogue of Disasters.

Van Visitors

Van Visitors

A group of friends and I decided to visit the Caravan and Camping show in Birmingham this week. We thought that it would be a jolly to go on the train. Well it was different!

The first “happening” was me tripping over my own feet going up the steps to the correct platform. Only my pride was hurt and not too many people saw what happened!

The train took the long route to Birmingham and we spent most of the day travelling. We arrived relatively safely and enjoyed the exhibition. The camper vans were gorgeous ( don’t tell Damnvan1) and very expensive. So when I win the Lotto…… The outcome was that I wouldn’t swap Damnvan1 for the World.

On the return long journey trains were delayed and we had to change at Shrewsbury. One of our group, who shall remain nameless, had to go to the loo. The delayed train pulled into the station, we got on and you’ve guessed it! The train pulled out without errant friend!

Total panic followed as we sped away. After multiple phone calls discussions with train guard and rude texts we arranged for her to get the next train one and a half hours later. We waited at the destination station and held a happy reunion on the station platform.

Driving home we missed the turning and drove an extra 10 miles. We dropped a friend off at her house only to find that she was locked out!

I finally arrived home to a welcome and much needed glass of wine. Phew!!

A new Arrival


We recently visited Bolton Abbey in Yorkshire. Damnvan1 was really snug despite very heavy rain during the night. We walked along the River Wharfe which was flowing fast and full. We walked around the Bolton Abbey Estate, a beautiful well maintained walk. It was expensive to park Damnvan1 (£7) but we felt that the area is so well maintained it was worth it. There were some lovely tea shops which are always a treat, including one next to the Caravan site. Walking Imagealong the riverside led to another cafe called the Cavendish Pavilion selling gorgeous ice cream. The diet starts tomorrow as ever!

well the really big news is that we bought and fell in love with a dog. We have been debating all year whether to buy one.We knew the danger point would be when we both wanted one on the same day ! This was the day!

His name is Benji and he is a fire Fox Red Labrador. He is very handsome and eighteen months old. Hopefully he will enjoy Damnvan1 as much as we do. Watch this space to see how we all get on!


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